You’ve heard me say “Trim Healthy Mama” more than once I’m sure

But why am I always recommending it?

Because it’s wonderful and truly an answer to prayer in my life and hundreds of thousands of lives have been transformed by THM. No exaggeration there, just check out the facebook pages!

The Trim Healthy Mama plan is unlike any other diet or eating plan. It’s completely unique and here’s why it’s the best way to lose weight ever!

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THM ISN’T: A DIET to be on for 30 days, 3 months, or a year.

THM IS:  An eating plan for LIFE.

We’ve all seen the ads. And many of you have tried these fad diets only to be… disappointed. And often out good money too! A month of an intense, strict diet may bring some immediate results, but they won’t last. And who knows what it’s done to your hormones and adrenals in the process?? 

Even the long-term, slower result diets can wreak havoc on your overall health. Often the metabolism is slowed down, and the weight just comes back or never falls off in the first place. 

Serene and Pearl (authors and creators of the Trim Healthy Mama) talk about their story of dieting for decades. Strict, raw food vegan, purest of the pure diets that caused MORE health problems long term. 

But that is the issue with fad diets. There just isn’t the long-term research and evidence to prove their gimmicks are safe. Too often fad diets are thrown away because of their detriment to one’s health. Silly humans, we get it wrong so often!

That’s why Trim Healthy Mama is different. The plan is based on RESEARCH and common sense eating. And more importantly, rooted in the Truth that God designed our bodies to eat and thrive through the foods He provides from the Earth.

Because of this, Trim Healthy Mama is sustainable for a lifetime! The S/E/FP guidelines relax as you hit your maintaining weight stage (hello buttered toast and cheesy rice dishes), but THM is a forever journey of fueling your body and increasing HEALTH. It’s so much more than losing weight in the short term. It’s a big picture, holistic plan! 

THM ISN’T: Eliminating whole food groups

THM IS: All the food groups!!!

Carbs! Fats! Proteins! Veggies! Fruit! Dairy! Meat! Bread! Cheese! Chocolate! Ice Cream! Coffee! Smoothies! Rice! Bacon! Everything!!!

Well, everything except that junky fake food, refined white flours, sugars, and blood sugar spiking stuff. But we all know that isn’t GOOD for you food anyways.

Think about what your great-grandmother ate. Fresh cream and cheese from her cow or goats. Eggs from her chickens (fed mostly from food scraps I’m sure!). The fruits from her orchard and vegetables from her garden. Meat that was hunted, fished or raised nearby. Breads baked from unaltered wheat, risen and fermented from her sourdough starter. All cooked in butter and fats rendered from their animals.

These are the foods people have been eating, in variation, all over the world, forever. 

Foods God made available for fuel and for strength in our bodies. Let’s not rewrite his plan, eliminating what is good. Instead, we can eat with intention, and enjoy the great abundance available to us!

*Allergy Note* THM can be adapted for those with food allergies. There are many gluten, dairy, nut free THMers and even more resources/recipes online!

THM ISN’T: Starvation or suppressing your love for food

THM IS: Delicious AND Nutritious!

Eat and be filled!

Counting calories and limiting food is out! THM means sensible eating that fills the belly and the soul with fuel that is not only life-giving but delicious too! You can indulge and drop the pounds, I promise!

When we choose to satisfy the sweet tooth with Stevia sweetened cakes, we are choosing joy in food and health.

We are designed to need food. And it is a great blessing to enjoy it. If we were supposed to be impartial (or hate) eating, then why do we have taste buds and a sense of smell???

Serotonin, the happy brain drug, is released when we enjoy our meals. And serotonin helps boost the metabolism! Even if we are eating the “healthiest” foods in the world, if we aren’t enjoying ourselves, we won’t lose weight.

This is why restrictive diets don’t work long-term, and often cause more health problems in the end.

THM ISN’T: Unsafe for pregnant, nursing mamas, growing children, or highly active/thin individuals


So many diets (almost all I’ve found), are not safe or easily modified for physically demanding times such as pregnancy and nursing. But THM is made for the growing mama and family! I searched and searched for a weight loss plan that was nursing safe when I started my weight loss journey. Over and over again, the diets were not recommended.

The restrictive diets would lower my breastmilk supply. The supplement diets (pills, shakes, bars, etc) would pass medications and unsafe ingredients to my baby through my breastmilk…. not cool. Also if they aren’t safe for babies/children, then why are they safe for adults??

Ultimately I couldn’t take risks on fad diets while pregnant and nursing, I had other lives to think about!

Thankfully with Trim Healthy Mama, all the products and ingredients are safe for everyone, in every stage of life!

And quick and easy modifications (like adding a piece of toast, some rice, or a pat of butter) keep your body fully fueled for pregnancy and nourishing a baby. These same adaptations are perfect for the growing child and thin/active husband (like mine!) or for the women needing to maintain or even gain weight.

THM is all about balancing blood sugars, something everyone needs for health at any stage. Even more so in this day and age with sugar filled, deep fried everything.

THM ISN’T: Expensive

THM IS: Budget Friendly!

THM can be done on a slim budget.

There are many yummy products and extras to enjoy, but you can do THM with everything found at a regular store.

I use a few Trim Healthy Mama Products in my everyday cooking (see which ones here!) but even those can be kind to the wallet and often they are for convenience sake. 

You can also do the plan without buying the books! What eating plan offers that? Starting for $0.00!

BUT the best investment would be the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook if you can invest $20-30. It includes all you need to know in the first 3 chapters about the plan, plus over 300 recipes. And many of those recipes don’t require costly ingredients either! 

Canadians, shop all your fave Trim Healthy Mama products here! Plus loads of low-carb, diabetic/blood sugar friendly foods. Everything from baking ingredients to craving-curbing snacks… Cookbooks, THM gear, supplements, exercise programs, and beauty products too!

THM ISN’T: Complicated

THM IS: Simple!

When you first start, THM seems super complicated, I KNOW!

But learning to read (write, tie your shoes, ride a bike, drive, do taxes…) was once complicated for you too. You are a big girl and you can do hard things.

It’s my mission to make THM EASY for you, and with a little time and effort (and grace for yourself), you will be whipping up S, E, XO, and FP meals in no time, without a second thought!

Check out my Trim Healthy Mama Basics to get you started! 

In all honesty, I’ve had my fair share of overwhelming moments learning a whole new way of eating to lose weight.

I even quit Trim Healthy Mama once! But the benefits have far outweighed (ha. pun) the learning curve and hard work it takes in the beginning.

But you CAN reach your health goals with a bit of education, some discipline, and a whole lot of encouragement. Trim Healthy Mama is a whole new way of “dieting”. It’s food freedom. It’s enjoying the journey. It’s finding that you are worthy of enjoyable eating AND good health!

Have grace for yourself and ask for help. That’s what I’m here for!

So hit me up with your beginner (or veteran) questions below. You got this mama!!