I have a confession: I quit Trim Healthy Mama. 

But thankfully that isn’t the whole story.

I first started my weight loss journey about a year after my 2nd child was born. After my first, the baby weight (plus more!) just fell off! It felt so nice to go down a size or two so effortlessly. Up until that time I had only ever gained weight since I was a child, sizes only ever increasing.

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But fast forward to a year postpartum with our son and I was heavier than ever and not feeling great. I decided to actually do something about it but didn’t know what. In the Spring of 2016, the 21-day fix was all the rage! I examined the diet and exercise program over and over, ask many questions about its safety with breastfeeding (with many mixed reviews), and decided I should just take the leap, spend the $250 on the little containers and workouts (never having worked out before!). It was in my online cart and something, I’d say it was the Lord, stopped me!


Very soon after I heard about Trim Healthy Mama. I started my research and over and over again was confirmed to start it. Was it safe for nursing and pregnancy?? YES! Was it expensive??? NO! Were there amazing success stories from busy mama’s like me? YES! Did I think I could do it???? Maybe…. I took the leap!


I started with the Plan and Cookbook e-books, so worried about spending money on something I wouldn’t follow through with. And it was super confusing and overwhelming, but I clung to Pinterest/blogger recipes and bought a couple on-plan items from the grocery store (gross liquid stevia and gross konjac noodles). I tried new things (almond milk, weird noodles, flax, apple cider vinegar) and was kinda managing to get by, losing 15 lbs in the first month!


But it didn’t last and here’s why:


  • I didn’t take the time to read the whole plan book and cookbook, just searched and skimmed and read a few blogs. I didn’t take the time to FULLY understand it so I was fumbling through.
  • I was trying a lot of new things (that I didn’t like, I’m a picky eater), and not trying to adapt my old meals. It was overwhelming to not enjoy my food.
  • I was cooking separate meals for myself and my family…. It was tiring and expensive.
  • I didn’t invest in any good THM products (or even homemade versions of the baking blend and sweeteners) so I felt like I never had the right ingredients or what I was trying to use was more expensive and of lower quality.
  • I got pregnant, morning sickness hit (all day, non-stop nausea with no relief from throwing up….just nausea) and with all the things listed above, I couldn’t do it

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The 2nd time around, soon after the birth of my 3rd child, I was given a bunch of THM supplies and started on THM full force, this time losing 80 lbs in 10 months, staying on plan (although a lot of off plan treats and meals along the way), investing in some yummy THM things, and LOVING it all!!! 

I don’t regret my decision to quit Trim Healthy Mama the first time. It has given me a unique perspective. I understand what it’s like to be so overwhelmed and confused when just trying to do good by my body. And now I hope to encourage you to try again, and like I did, thrive this time around!

What has been a stumbling block for you in your journey to weight loss and better health?