It’s rather obvious that I’ve been MIA on the blog. I even neglected Instagram over the last few months. Life and my vision for this blog got cloudy, and it’s taken me a while to asses what is best for me and my family. So here’s an update as of the middle of November 2018.

August hit me like a truck.

My Great Grandmother passed 2 months before her 100th birthday. A dear friend of many years chose to no longer continue our friendship.  I miscarried for the first time. (read about my experience with miscarriage here) All within a couple weeks in August. I was an emotional wreck for a few weeks. There was so much to process and plan for as we had to travel to Vancouver Island for my grandmother’s memorial service. My response was to retreat from the blog and most social media as I figured out life.

I took a break, and I liked it.

No longer did I wake up at 4 a.m. to work on the blog. I stopped talking endlessly on Instagram stories and sharing daily snapshots of our life. I didn’t have many words to say let alone, write. And honestly, what I wanted to say didn’t fit into the “ideal” blog writing formats and presentations. Which leads me to my next point.

I can’t follow the blogging plan to success.

It’s just not feasible for me. I started this blog because I have SO. MUCH. TO. SHARE. About life, about Trim Healthy Mama, about family and babies and birth, about homesteading, about freedom from the cultural norm. I want to share my THOUGHTS and musings and rants and encouragement in ways that are good for me and you. I have read e-books, done online training, and even signed up for a lifetime membership to this elite blogging course… to try to make a profitable, sustainable blog and business. Doing business makes me happy. I enjoy branding and marketing and writing and connecting with people. But I don’t NEED to have a profitable blog to enjoy it. Especially if that means writing content in a specific way. Promoting my work over and over. And putting in endless hours working on the back end of my website and pretty graphics (the worst!). As much as I love building and running a business, I love my children, my calling as a mother, and my simple homesteading/self-sufficient life more.

I’ve learned this lesson before, there is a season for everything.

Birth work, for example, is something I adore putting my time into. Serving and educating pregnant and new mothers bring me great joy and fulfillment. But leaving my nursing baby at home with my husband and a bottle while I run out to a birth, never knowing how many hours (or days??) it would be until I return doesn’t bring me joy. I know I will always be passionately connected to birthing women and families. And I trust that in a later season in life (when I am not pregnant or nursing 24/7), I will return to hands-on birth work and support. But until then, I must grow my own babies and cuddle my own children as often and as intentionally as I can. The same goes for building a business. I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again. But this blog isn’t going to be it. At least not as gazelle intense as I had planned to build it. I do hope to use Neufeld Family Homestead as a platform to sell our locally produced farm products as we explore what farming and food production looks like for us. And perhaps it transforms into a platform to sell my husband’s work (knives, blacksmith stuff, wooden stuff, honestly could be anything… that man has a lot of skills and talent… just no trees or a forge to work with. Yet.). And the thought of working on building a family business is MUCH more appealing and motivating than working just for my own goals.

So I’m back, kinda.

These months of blog silence and social media quietness have been good for my soul. For healing in my body, mind, and soul. My vision for Neufeld Family Homestead is still to share our lives and encourage you, but in the way I want to. With truth and grace and silliness when necessary. And I might speak bolder than in the past about things I’m passionate about (homeschool, full-time mothering, home/free birthing, healthy eating, and living simply). Take what you want, leave what you don’t. Share what makes you look deeper or encourages you to make changes. Please keep following along with my journey and keep me updated with yours. NFH is much less a blog and much more the unfolding transformation of a mother and her family.   ps. Expect less shiny writing, graphics, marketing, etc…. and more out of focus pictures of the sourdough I’m attempting to master. You’ve been warned. pps. Some of you HAVE supported this blog financially by using my Trim Healthy Mama affiliate links and buying awesome stuff. To you, I want to say THANK YOU! I am surprised and honored that the words I have shared have encouraged you to jump into a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. Your purchases helped encourage me to get back to this platform, letting me know that the late nights and 4 a.m. mornings spent on this blog weren’t all for not! I won’t be pursuing a blogging income as ferociously as before, but I am so grateful for what this blog has provided me so far. ppps. For those who don’t follow me on Instagram (@neufeldfamilyhomestead), we are pregnant again and expecting a new baby in late spring!