2 Year Trimiversary!!!!

Wow wow wow wow! How has life passed so fast that I have been on Trim Healthy Mama for TWO. WHOLE. YEARS??? THMers like to call this a “TRIMIVERSARY” meaning Trim Anniversary. I like it.

My first Trimiversary was very significant. I had lost 80lbs and was healthier than I had ever been!

Since then, I haven’t been focused on weight loss per se. A year ago we had just moved to our new homestead, away from all our friends and family and old way of life. So my 2nd year on THM looked MUCH different than my first.

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A transformation of life

In the past year, I have connected with the most amazing community around me. We started our family business of farming (and eventually sourdough bread too). As well as learning how to be as self-sufficient with the land & resources we’ve been given. My husband is now working full-time on our homestead with the occasional construction work for neighbours. This has given us the time and energy freedom to pursue the lifestyle we feel best suits our family. With a healthy dose of trusting the Lord for our provisions through work, trades, and homegrown food!

Our diets have adjusted to being even simpler than before. Our homestead version of Trim Healthy Mama includes potatoes and lots of sourdough bread because carbs are life. 😀 I have indulged in both much more than ever before due to our modest food budget and ease of cooking.

We now eat 95% whole/from-scratch food, buying in bulk and learning to preserve what local produce and meats we can get our hands on. It is a blessing to be surrounded by organic style growers and meat raisers. We get to be friends with our farmers and eat the neighbourhood cows! And by golly, it’s the tastiest and highest quality food we’ve ever had!

Loss after loss after loss

As I shared late last year, we experienced a difficult time of loss. Our family said goodbye to my great grandmother and matriarch at the age of 99. The same month we also lost our first baby to an early miscarriage. It was hard.

Then in November, we said goodbye to my husband’s Opa at the age of 92. We were blessed to visit him just before he passed, able to say final goodbyes as well as introduce him to our youngest child.

In the context of THM and healthy eating, I was pushed into emotional survival mode as we wrestled with loss and spent a lot of time on the road travelling all over the province to mourn with family.

Weight loss was not a focus, although we did try to eat good food when we could.

New life!

Amidst the loss, we found great joy in another pregnancy that has brought great healing and joy in our life! We look forward to welcoming our sweet little baby THIS MONTH!

I tried my best to stick to a Trim Healthy Mama diet that was nursing & pregnancy friendly! Whey Protein and Collagen have been my best friends for stabilizing my blood sugar and making sure I am getting the nutrients I need to grow another human! Oh, and Boost Juice made with Baobab Powder  every day with my liquid iron supplement has been sooooo good. I’ve had way more energy and way less dizziness due to low iron levels. I’m not pale all the time either which is a good sign this pregnancy.

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Obviously, I have NOT been losing weight during this pregnancy.

It has been very strange having a pregnancy from a healthy starting weight, which is a first for me. Watching my belly grow and baby move much more significantly without the extra weight (and then feeling like I am HUGE because my belly is so prominent!)

I had been able to keep up with all my regular activities until my 3rd trimester, which hit me kinda like a wall.

I felt so limited in my physical ability and energy levels, confused as to why when I was so much healthier than my previous 3 full-term pregnancies. My husband tells me (over and over again) it is because I have raised my standard of movement & ability this year. My other pregnancies, I was rather sedentary. So this time, the physical limitations of the 3rd trimester really impede on my usual ability to be on my feet all day, chase kiddos, make bulk meals, and clean for hours at a time.

My Trimiversary Numbers

To wrap this all up, I would like to continue to be transparent with my life & body transformation with NUMBERS.

May 1st, 2017:

I started Trim Healthy Mama officially @ 250lbs, size XL/XXL maternity tops & dresses, size 22/XXL maternity pants.

(I’m about 5’9″ tall)

May 1st, 2018:

My first Trimiversary I weighed 170lbs (an 80lb loss!!) and was wearing size medium tops & dresses, size 12 non-maternity pants!

Plus so much more energy, healthy hair and skin, and an overall improvement in health.

May 1st, 2019:

At 39 weeks pregnant, I weigh approximately 225lbs. Wearing size Medium and Large maternity clothing in tops & bottoms.

I started my current pregnancy at a higher weight than my previous trimiversary, about 185lbs I’d say. I mostly stopped keeping track of my weight by that point, focusing on just eating well through all life threw at us.

That is a 40lb gain through pregnancy. I’m good with that.

I didn’t track my weight in previous pregnancies so I’m not sure what I used to gain. Although an interesting note, with my first pregnancy, I barely gained anything and lost weight quickly (without trying, I wasn’t eating healthy, it just happened due to breastfeeding….and wasn’t sustained).

Grace upon Grace

I have heard awesome stories of women having THM pregnancies and gaining very modest amounts. Maybe next pregnancy I will be more set in my Trim Healthy Mama ways and will do an even better job eating without as much extra weight gain. But no matter what, I KNOW I am doing better by my baby and my body by trying my best to eat the Trim Healthy Mama way!

Grace upon Grace upon Grace for myself and what I am able to do.

Ultimately, food is not my idol.

The added stress of making sure EVERY meal is nutritionally dense and weight-maintaining friendly for pregnancy actually seems like it would not be good for me. My mental and emotional health is just as important as my physical health, so imma eat that yummy restaurant food when we travel or go to town. The endorphins released by not having to cook every meal are very good for me and my babies! And I can ENJOY not so healthy food without guilt or shame.

I’ve heard of an 80/20 rule… 80% eating well, 20% eating not so well…. I like that too. Although upon reflection with my husband, he tells me we still are at 95/5 due to the fact that we live so far from any grocery store or restaurant. That gives me the encouragement to have even MORE grace for myself and my family. And maybe I need to buy more ice cream. 😉

Food is a gift and a blessing and I will continue to enjoy it however it may be.

I look forward to where I’m at next year (one year postpartum) on my 3rd Trimiversary!


2 year Trim Healthy Mama Trimiversary