What Do You NEED to Start THM??


The amazing thing about the THM plan is that you DON’T need to buy any Trim Healthy Mama Products to eat wonderfully and trim down. There are special ingredients that definitely make life easier, but even those you can find at most grocery or health food stores.

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So why buy Trim Healthy Mama Products?

  • They will make your THM journey so much easier.
  • You can satisfy your junk food cravings, with GOOD food that is easy to make with THM products,
  • They save you time! Quick drinks and snacks!
  • They truly are TOP QUALITY, better than most you can find on the market. Think no fillers or junk. Just pure ingredients!
  • They are reasonably priced! Often they are cheaper than the lesser quality health foods you find in specialty stores or online.


Here are the 3 Trim Healthy Mama products that will help you succeed! 

I use these items EVERY DAY! They have helped me achieve my weight loss goals and better the health of my whole family. Eating well doesn’t have to be void of sweets sips and decadent treats. Nor does it have to take forever to prepare a meal. You can give yourself a HUGE kickstart by stocking your pantry with these Trim Healthy Mama staples!


 1. Protein Powder

With Trim Healthy Mama meals being centered around protein, it is crucial to have an easy protein source for any snack or meal. Sometimes I just want to drink my protein in a delicious smoothie or specialty latte.

I use THM Integral Collagen every day as my quick protein. I add it to my tea or coffee daily, but also in desserts, snacks, soups, etc that need an extra protein boost. It is tasteless and fully dissolves. The THM brand is from grass-fed beef bones making it an awesome health food! Did you know it’s great for your hair, nails, and skin too? It truly is an all-around health food.

Collagen has helped me stay on plan many times, especially outside of my home. For example, I bring a scoop of collagen with a doonk of stevia to put in my tea at playdate/coffee-date. Then I can avoid the off-plan treats and go straight for the fresh fruits and veggies as a nice E snack that is protein centered and on plan! 

Don’t know what the “E” stands for? Check out the THM Basics here.

Many people use the THM Pristine Whey Protein powder as their daily protein. It tastes good, is NON-GMO, and doesn’t contain any fillers or junk like every other whey protein on the market! You can use whey protein in smoothies, puddings, and drinks, but I do find it a little less versatile. THM Pristine Whey does make your concoctions extra creamy and frothy which is a big bonus. And it’s available in 3lb bulk bags.

And for a super quick protein shake, Trim Healthy Mama now has CHOCOLATE WHEY and STRAWBERRY WHEY! Oh my word, they are soooooooo good. Mix with almond milk or coconut milk (or whole milk for children and healthy husbands) and you have the best chocolate or strawberry milk! And they taste JUST like the sugary powdered mixes of your childhood. And of course, without any of the junk ingredients! Chocolate milk heaven y’all… warning, it’s addicting!

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, I’ve found collagen to be more cost effective and versatile, especially in the 3 lb bags.  So I still choose collagen as my go-to, everyday protein powder. 


2. Sweetener

I love my sweets, and something sugary was always my downfall until I started making my own, blood-sugar friendly sweet treats!

Finally purchasing the THM Stevia was a game changer and I think why I had so much success the 2nd time around. It’s delicious with no aftertaste. Some say it’s not the best with chocolate but I use it in my chocolate treats and still love the flavor! It is the most economical sweetener out there (that is good quality) as you only need a doonk (1/32 tsp) or two to sweeten a smoothie or treat for one.

I buy the bulk 4 oz package that lasts my family months

You can also choose Super Sweet Blend which is Stevia mixed with Erythritol. It is not as sweet or concentrated as the pure stevia but is 4-5 times sweeter than sugar.

Or choose Gentle Sweet: a Stevia, Erythritol, Xylitol mix that is sweeter than sugar, and about 1/3 the sweetness of Super Sweet Blend. It is described by THMers as “cotton candy like” but of course, is GOOD for you! One thing to note is that it contains xylitol which is not safe for dogs (just like chocolate). Just make sure your kiddos aren’t dropping your Gentle Sweet baked goods on the ground for the pups to gobble up. Or you can buy Xylitol-free Gentle Sweet.

The sweeter the blend, the less you use, therefore the less cost per serving. That is why I almost exclusively use Pure Stevia, plus it’s so simple to use! All these sweeteners come in bulk sizes which save on cost no matter which one you choose!


3. THM Baking Blend

For when you just need a blueberry muffin topped with butter!!!

The THM Baking Blend is a gluten-free, fuel pull (meaning little to no carbs OR fats), flour replacement. This blend is used in so many recipes! It helps those cravings for fluffy pancakes topped with peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies, and bread and butter.

I don’t always keep it stocked anymore as I have less need for mug cakes and cookies. (I’m partial to the BAM cake for E meals and peanut butter Greek yogurt for my sweet snacks). But it was CRUCIAL when starting out with THM!!!!

In a 3 lb bag, the baking blend is a great value, and soooo much easier than blending your own concoction of low fat/carb flours. There are recipes for making your own baking blends, but as a THM newbie, it was overwhelming for me to search out all the unique ingredients to make them.

If Baking Blend is really out of your price range, the Trim Healthy Table Cookbook includes a “Frugal Flour” mix that can be used as a replacement in many THM recipes.

I find the THM Baking Blend is tasty, easy to use, and very versatile, and saved me MANY times from just chowing down on sugary treats and highly processed baked goods when I was craving them. 

Canadians, shop all your fave Trim Healthy Mama products here! Plus loads of low-carb, diabetic/blood sugar friendly foods. Everything from baking ingredients to craving-curbing snacks… Cookbooks, THM gear, supplements, exercise programs, and beauty products too!

***BONUS Non-THM Product***

I always buy TRUVIA for under $10 at my local grocery store. It’s a tasty sweetener, pairs well with chocolate, and sprinkles on cinnamon toast well. It’s not as cost effective as the THM Stevia or as tasty as Super Sweet and Gentle Sweet. But I use it for its similarity to sugar (although it’s 3 times sweeter) and availability in store. *Warning: Don’t buy the Truvia Baking Blend, it’s cheaper because it is made with sugar!!* 


These 3 THM (and 1 grocery store) products are what I have used over the past year to trim down and serve my family delicious, healthy food without feeling deprived of good eats! Investing in the products (and myself) really helped me get on plan and stay on plan. 


Do yourself a favor and get the good stuff! It will make such a difference to feel like you have TOOLS for eating well and finding your health.


What Trim Healthy Mama products can you not live without???