My heart is to make THM EASY for everyone. 

Trim Healthy Mama has been life transforming for me, losing 80 lbs in 10 months! But when you are a Trim Healthy Mama beginner, it’s overwhelming to wade through all the tips and tricks to find out how to start. But I want that to change! So start with these Trim Healthy Mama basics for beginners. And don’t get wrapped up in all the extra stuff just yet!

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The Basics:

    1. Eat carbs and fats at separate meals, always with protein and non-starchy veggies to fill you up. 
    2. Eat every 3-4 hours, and keep your different meal types at least 2 hours apart.
    3. No sugar or refined carbs. Choose natural sweeteners like stevia, xylitol, and erythritol. Eat carbs that are slow burning like *real* sourdough bread, sprouted flours and grains, brown basmati rice, sweet potatoes, and fruit.


Trim Healthy Mama Meal/Fuel Types:


Satisfying (S) meal =  FATS + protein + non-starchy veggies


Energizing (E) meal = CARBS + protein + non-starchy veggies


Fuel Pull (FP) meal = little to no fats or carbs + protein + non starchy veggies

*Important for weight loss and revving the metabolism, but not every meal. Especially not for pregnant/nursing mamas, growing children, and hard-working husbands*


Crossover (XO) meal = FATS + CARBS + protein + non starchy veggies

*Important for pregnant/nursing mamas, growing children, and hard-working husbands*


The Numbers

Before you start rapid firing questions about portion sizes, calories counts, and acceptable grams of carbs and fats, let me explain how THMers deal with the numbers.

We don’t. 

Well, that’s not entirely true.

It is best to keep E meals to 45 grams of net carbs or less and 5 grams of fat or less. Net carbs mean the total carbohydrate count minus alcohol sugars and dietary fiber counts. You might already know that, but I didn’t when I started THM!

S meals have no limit on fats and should be less than 10 grams of net carbs. 

I say that we don’t go by the numbers on Trim Healthy Mama because there is a tendency to go only by numbers. You can make all sorts of foods fit into the meal types, but that doesn’t mean they are good for you or are going to help you with weight loss. 

Ingredients trump numbers!

Try to be conscious of foods that are calorically dense. We don’t limit calories or fats BUT eating a whole jar of peanut butter isn’t going to help you on your way. DOes that make sense?

Some of you may be coming from a numbers-focused way of eating, calculating every carb, calorie, or point.

That’s not food freedom!

So try to let go of the numbers as you adjust to eating freely and intentionally without going overboard. 

I will say that these guidelines are helpful when learning to eat well.


For S Meals:

  • 5g of fats or more, less than 10g of carbs
  • 1/2 cup of berries (blueberries, do less or keep them with E Meals)
  • No other guidelines, just be conscious of how much heavy fats you are consuming like cheese, cream cheese,  nut butters, etc


For E Meals:

  • 10-45g of carbs, less than 5g of fat
  • A 3/4 cup serving of brown rice or quinoa 
  • 2 slices of sprouted of true sourdough bread
  • 3/4 to 1 cup cooked oatmeal


For FP Meals:

  • Less than 5g of fats and less than 10g of carbs
  • This includes many foods like non-starchy vegetables that you should add liberally to all meal types


For XO Meals:

  • More than 5g of fats and more than 10g of carbs


*I’ll add in a bonus meal type here that you may come across*

For S Helpers:

  • More than 5g of fats and 10-15g of carbs
  • These meals are similar to XO meals but with a lower amount of carbs so they are a bit lighter in fuel
  • Like XO meals, S Helpers are great for nursing and pregnant mamas, growing children, and husbands with high metabolisms
  • For example, 2 eggs scrambled in butter with veggies and only 1 piece of sprouted toast


Why it works:

I don’t claim to know the science behind it all. Thankfully the sisters (Pearl & Serene: authors and creators of THM) have done countless hours of study, research, and testing, sharing it with the world through their books. THM helps you lose extra weight and maintain a healthy size by balancing blood sugars and burning the fuel you eat plus the stored fuel (extra stored body fat) in your body. Blood sugars play a key role in the body like balancing hormones and keeping unhealthy weight off, and other miraculous things I’m sure. 

Starting THM can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! Take these basics and adapt the meals you are already making. Then find some new favorites from the THM Cookbook and Trim Healthy Table and the multitude of recipes from THM pros all over Pinterest. Being a THM beginner can feel tough, but I promise, you soon will be knee deep in S and E meals, thriving on your journey to better health! And remember, I’ve been exactly where you are, I even QUIT the plan once feeling so overwhelmed!

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You are not alone, I’m here for you!

Ask me your Trim Healthy Mama questions below!