We are the Neufeld Family and we live on a homestead! Our “home” (read: former elementary school on 3 acres, an hour from any town, in rural BC, Canada) includes Mommy Neufeld (Jaclyn, that’s me!), Daddy Neufeld (Joshua), and 3 little Neufeld’s (Jane, Caleb, and Barrett) who we affectionately call our chidlers. We all wear plaid, jeans, and cowboy boots. We love to sing, play board + card games, and to be outdoors. And we all love babies, we might just have 10 of them one day!

Our desire for our lives is to glorify the Lord by serving our family first, then wherever else we are called to serve. After 2 years of transformation, we chose to abandon the city life to do so. Leaving a typical 9-5 job, townhouse, home church, and all our family and friends to pursue the simple life. It was a leap of faith to take our three small children into the country. We had no income, no farming experience, and no friends or family close by. But that is just the beginning. 

We truly are living, learning, and growing together. Trying all sorts of new things. Striving to create a sustainable, self-sufficient farm. Finding financial freedom through our debt-free journey. Eating the Trim Healthy Mama way to fuel our bodies. And living out our most important roles: being parents, teaching our children to live the good life.

Join us on our journey as we create an abundant life while encouraging you to do the same in your family and in your home.