My Trim Healthy Mama journey is one of great surprises.

Well, one surprise…that I actually lost weight! And not just a little bit, a whole 80lbs! And in only 10 months, then maintaining it since! WHAAAAAATTT?!?!

Let me share my Trim Healthy Mama weight loss journey with you.

I share THM with EVERYONE not because I think everyone needs to lose weight or get healthier (well, sorta, we all need improvement), it’s because it works, miraculously, and joyfully, and without a strict dieting regime. The rules, if you could even call them that, are simple. And with a few basics, it’s easy! 

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I’ve always been overweight.


There was a time when I was under age 8 where I was a healthy, active, child. But after that, I was overweight until I started eating the THM way.

I never hated myself. My size didn’t always bring me joy, but I never hated it. I had good role models of confident, larger women in my family who were encouraging for me.

But I knew I was unhealthy.

I didn’t want to be larger than all my friends, wearing teen and adult sizes as a child. I would think that if I could find an easy way to find health, I’d do it. But nothing appeared easy. And what did look easy, seemed dangerous, and I wasn’t willing to do something dangerous.

These attitudes continued into my adult life. I never tried a diet. Never tried to do exercise outside of the occasional hike or dance class for fun. But my weight continued to grow and I wasn’t much of a fan.

While pregnant with my first daughter, I gained very little, felt great and like my best self. After she was born, the weight fell off and I was buying new smaller clothing. Wow, that was cool!

My 2nd pregnancy didn’t go like that though. I found myself gaining more after the birth of my son and I started to truly look for a plan to find health.


Choosing a diet


I searched for a pregnancy/nursing friendly program and almost purchased the 21-day fix, despite unclear recommendations for my physically demanding stage of life.

Remember that fad diet? Everyone was doing it in 2015/2016! It made sense to me.

I was sure I could control myself as I put my foods into tiny containers, and I guess I could do their workouts too. Working out would be super easy with a toddler and baby crawling around me right? I had the program in my “shopping cart” and almost clicked buy.

But I didn’t.

I’ll say it was the Holy Spirit directing me elsewhere because I was rather convinced at the moment that it would be my “fix”.


Enter Trim Healthy Mama


THM had been mentioned to me in the past. “Separate carbs and fats, eat with protein” I heard at my women’s group, but I immediately thought that was too much work. What was a carb anyways?!?!

But in Spring 2016, I was pointed to it again by a dear friend who had success with it. Then I found a few other friends that had as well.

The investment was less. The concept of all foods being “in” (besides the refined junky white stuff). And that is was based on how God designed us to eat, again, with all food groups and great joy!

So I bought the THM Plan Book and Cookbook as e-books (less cost up front, I was so worried I wouldn’t stick with it and waste my money). And I started.


But it didn’t last!


I lost about 15 lbs, which felt tremendous and wonderful!

But I wasn’t fully committed and was overwhelmed by the learning curve and my stage of life (so many diapers and nighttime nursing sessions had this mama tired!). Read more about what made me stumble here.

I became pregnant with our 3rd child and wasn’t equipped to pursue my health journey then…. Which in hindsight was unwise because pregnancy should be a time of seeking more health BUT all day sickness made that unrealistic for me. And I give myself grace because I ain’t perfect y’all!


My health journey TRULY began


A month after the wonderful homebirth of my 3rd child, I was ready to pursue weight loss again!

This time around I got serious.

I joined local and international facebook groups. I bought some THM products (hello easy, wonderful, delicious proteins and sweetener!). And was blessed by a friend giving away her spice cabinet that included a bunch of “special ingredients” that help make THM a bit easier and tastier.

May 1st, 2017 I officially started back on plan.

I was currently wearing size XL/XXL maternity tops and dresses, and size 22/XXL maternity pants. I’m about 5’9” tall and weighed 250 pounds then.

I was tired all the time (partly to having 3 kids under age 5), napped every day, and didn’t have the energy to get up and play or even go for long walks.


My first goal


It was hard choosing a “goal weight” because I had never been a healthy size as teen or adult.

I had no idea what would be healthy for me. And when I plugged my stats into google, the ideal weight it gave me seemed impossible… I am big boned, no way I could weigh that little!

So I set my first goal as losing 60 lbs. That would bring me under 200 lbs which I hadn’t been since high school.

I started the plan, keeping NO JUNK in the house, and making the same meal (with slight modifications for the kids and husband) for the whole family.

I would eat off plan at a restaurant (maybe 2-3 times a month) and when at a family dinner or coffee date. Giving myself grace and freedom along the way. Especially since we were on a strict budget for eating out and a meal I didn’t have to cook was a huge blessing that I wanted to fully enjoy. I’d hop back on plan 3 hours later, with grace and no-guilt.  


The pounds started to disappear!


Much to my amazement, I started losing weight!

And rather quickly too. It felt like a miracle!

How could I be enjoying delicious, decadent treats and hearty meals and be losing weight?? Even with off plan meals!?! What a blessing.

In less than 4 months, I had lost 40lbs! And mid-October I officially entered Onederland (weighing less than 200lbs).

I stalled out in the 190lb range for a while. And that was okay for my body to take the rest. But I also had given myself over to more sugar-laden treats than necessary (uuuggh…Halloween candy! Why?!?!). So I did No-Sugar-November.

Thankfully us Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October so I had filled myself with pie then!

That month was just what I needed to keep my mind and body in check. I was able to say no to treats more than I ever could before. It felt great to have that power over cravings and temptations.


I hit my goal!!


The sugarless month had another great benefit, I hit my first weight loss goal!

I had lost 60lbs in 6.5 months!!!!

I celebrated by buying some new clothing, necessary since none of my old clothes fit.

An NSV (Non-Scale Victory) for me was needing to get my wedding band resized. I had resized them a year previous to be larger, size 10.5. But this time, I resized them down to a 7! I didn’t even know my fingers could be that small. I was pretty sure my bones were bigger than that, but nope, I kinda have dainty fingers now. Lol!


Success in the Little Things


My body and mind changed so much over that half a year.

I was encouraged to take body measurements and watch the inches disappear.

I had a goal dress from when I was my smallest after my 1st child was born. And I became too small for it!

My cowboy boots became too big and they still flop around making noises on my smaller calves.

I no longer needed naps in the afternoon because the food I was eating was giving me energy.

And on that note, I started playing with my kids and husband at the playground. Going on the swings, climbing the jungle gym, going down the slides, running after the soccer ball. I hadn’t felt that good in years!! And my family took notice and great joy in the new, fun, mommy!


A new goal


After 60lbs gone, I knew I could go more for my health.

No longer did google’s “ideal weight” category seem unrealistic.

I continued on the plan, setting a new goal to lose 30 more pounds (so a total loss of 90lbs).

In 3.5 more months, I had lost 80lbs and was feeling incredible! 80lbs in 10 months, with no strict diet, eating all the good stuff, and feeding my whole family better.

I have maintained that 80lb loss for another 4 months. Now wearing size medium tops and dresses and size 12 pants….not maternity….with real zippers and buttons!

Well, I’ve gained a couple lbs in the adjustment to a new lifestyle… enjoying a few too many crossovers than my body has needed. But there is grace and the numbers are way less important than how I’m feeling.

I plan to lose that last 10 lbs in the next couple months and hopefully have my first Trim Healthy Mama pregnancy in the near future too. I am already preparing for that time with home canned and frozen meals for my family. Plus making sure my favorite ingredients for easy snacks are on hand when the all day sickness hits.

I also do hope to include more exercise to build up muscle strength.

I have purchased the Workins and LOVE them, but I need to work on my discipline in doing them consistently. The kids love them too so I have no excuse!

Canadians, shop all your fave Trim Healthy Mama products here! Plus loads of low-carb, diabetic/blood sugar friendly foods. Everything from baking ingredients to craving-curbing snacks… Cookbooks, THM gear, supplements, exercise programs, and beauty products too!

Truly if I can do it, so can you!


Weight loss has been my main path to health, but Trim Healthy Mama is more than that.

I use it to make sure my kids and husband are eating a full spectrum of nutrients and not spiking their blood sugar. Even if you are trim, that doesn’t mean you are healthy on the inside, and that’s why THM will be my way of eating for LIFE. Because its about gaining and maintaining health, not just dropping lbs.


Want to know how to find your health through goood food? Start here with the basics!

And check out what makes THM different from so many (all other??) ways of eating and dieting.


Starting THM was one of the BEST decisions I’ve ever made in my life (twice!) and it has truly transformed not only my life but the lives of my children and husband too.