At Neufeld Family Homestead, we desire to share information, a glimpse of our lives, and as much encouragement for you that we can stuff into our site! We also exist as a means to support our family financially. But rest assured, we are honest and faithful to do what is good and right for our audience. We will not endorse or take income from someone or something we wouldn’t fully support personally and think is right for our family.


I do share about “health”, “healthy eating”, “healthy living”, “pregnancy”, “birth”, and other topics related to how one can care for their body. I am NOT a medical professional and the information I share is antidotal, from personal opinion, and should NEVER replace seeking a medical professional for the health of your body or your family. I do not take any liability for the actions you take (or don’t take) based on information shared on this site. I am not giving medical or health advice but sharing my experiences with my health and family’s health. 

The information I share is for your entertainment and learning process but I am not responsible for the actions you take or don’t take based on what you read here. If you do follow what we have done/shared, you do so at your own risk.

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Neufeld Family Homestead is written and edited by me, Jaclyn Neufeld, unless stated as such for a guest post/writer.

We write for the purpose to encourage you, share information, and hopefully entertain you too. We also are paid in various ways to do so through affiliate marketing, paid advertisements, endorsements, and other methods of compensation. Our opinions, reviews, and recommendations are honest and 100% mine.


Effective July 27th, 2018